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Inbar Professional Streetlight

Inbar Professional Streetlight

39w street light fixture, model Inbar, one bulb - economical and advanced. Designed for installation on an electricity company pillar, suitable for roads, streets, paths, intersections, parking lots and aisles. Advanced lens in the Ministry of Transportation standard, prevents glare and light pollution.

Designed to work in harsh conditions.


To purchase the product, contact Yoald Customer Service: 02-9967001

  • a. Model Type: INBAR 2 - Body Color: Black.

    b. Lens type: glass

    c. Light color: 5700k / 4000k / 3500k / 3000k

    * Designed to work in harsh conditions.

    * Water protection door: IP66

    * Meets standards: Israeli standard mark, IEC61347, LM 80 photobiological standard, ZHAGA.
    * Body changer: 150 watt ng, energy saving up to 85%
    * 3 years warranty on the product, 10 years on the chip

    For purchase call 02-996-7001

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