Bioled Eco Light Systems (former Tzubavision) is the leading company in research, development and manufacture of LED lighting in Israel.

The company provides advanced systems and sub-systems for the global lighting industry, with emphasis on advanced technology, high efficiency, longstanding durability under severe temperature and shock conditions, with simple installation and elegant appearance.

Bioled works in partnership and in constant dialogue with the world's leading technology manufacturers. The Company develops products with maximum Orit efficiency while maintaining the environment and public health.

Bioled provides systems for a variety of applications, power supplies, network voltages and various wavelengths for commercial sites, heavy industry, the IDF and as well systems, forfor intensive agricultural activity.

TzubaVision Eco Light Systems Ltd

Kibbutz Tzuba  9087000, Israel  Tel. +9722-9967001, Fax. +9722-6243490